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Aug 12, 2022

Dogtooth Tuna July 2022

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Dogtooth Tuna are known for their incredible burst of speed, strength and will test your equipment. Don't bring a penknife to a gunfight!
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May 12, 2022

Father and Son

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This last week i had the pleasure of guiding and fishing with Barry and Gary, father and son. These two have been fishing together ever since Gary was a youngun, still at school. Barry used to call the teacher, and tell her Gary was going to be away for a few days on a fishing trip with Dad, and that was that.....
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Mar 08, 2022
Swordfish, also known as Broadbill, are on most anglers bucket list, and for good reason. Few people have caught them. It takes patience, determination, strength, an arsenal of high quality fishing tackle, and lastly knowledge of how to target, and catch them.
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Dec 10, 2021

Fishing calendar 2022

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2021 has been a difficult year, but 2022 looks promising. The good thing is that fish don't get Covid. We open for business, and in fact have never been closed, nor have our borders ever been. This will be my 13th year of fishing and spearfishing charters, and there is still a lot of fish to catch, before i'm done.
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Feb 11, 2021
Things have been too quiet because of Covid_19, so it was great to get away to Pomene for a weeks fishing with the Baker brothers.
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Aug 20, 2020

Back to the past as we know it

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An update on the rest of the 2020 fishing season post covid_19, updated prices and specials for the re-opening of Silver Fish Lodge, Mozambique, and Deep sea fishing and spearfishing tours to Pomene Bay, 50 nautical miles north of here.
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Mar 04, 2020
Article about our recent fishing tour to Watamu, Kenya in February 2020. It's an annual Billfish Grand Slam event where we try and get 3 different billfish species in a 24 hr timespan. Known as a Grand Slam in Billfish fishing terms.
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Jan 10, 2020

Fishing Time in 2020

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Schedule of upcoming fishing events and fishing times for the first half of 2020 at Silver Fish Lodge, Inhambane, Mozambique.
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Aug 12, 2019

September Spring Sailfish time

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Latest news and events from Silver Fish Lodge, Inhambane, Mozambique regarding Fishing and Spearfishing in Mozambique and Africa. Spring 2019.
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Jul 11, 2019
Jigging and Popping for Yellowfin Tuna and Trevally/ Kingfish with some guests out of Silver Fish Lodge, Inhambane, Mozambique
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